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#MancosWellnessTalks Series

Mancos Wellness Talks

2nd Wednesdays – #MancosWellnessTalks



Speaker: Avalon Gulley, BCST, PLC

Understanding Our Autonomic Nervous System to Recover from Stress & Trauma

Learn about the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which controls essential body processes including heart rate, digestion, sleep, hormone flow, breathing & more. Researchers now estimate that more than 80% of health conditions start as an imbalance in the ANS. This talk will answer 3 key questions: 1) What is the ANS? 2) How does the ANS function in its three branches? 3) How do we restore restricted function using simple methods and tools? Using cutting-edge research from Polyvagal Theory, Neuroscience and Polarity Therapy, we will explore how to recover from trauma and increase stress resilience to lead a healthier life. Take-home practices and time for questions included.

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Avalon Gulley is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) and Polarity Life Coach (PLC). She has over 5 years of specialized training in supporting the Autonomic Nervous System to return to a healthy, regulated state. Using gentle bodywork and somatic dialogue, the body naturally unwinds stress, tension and implicit memories. She works with a wide range of symptoms and conditions including TMJ, whiplash, accidents/injuries/surgeries, migraines, nervous system disorders, stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression and more.

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In this session of the free #MancosWellnessTalks series, you will learn to amplify your Qi/Energy using breath.

Charlotte Lenssen will be teaching attendees the 9 Breath Method in a group setting to help the whole group amplify their Qi as well as sending it out to the world.

Those with little experience with have the benefit of accelerating the qi within through the experience of others. The more people breath together to more potent and palpable the Qi is. This breath is done in sitting in a circle connected to each other.

Come join us for this magical experience.

**We will be attempting live streaming the session via Facebook Live. Please mark yourself Interested or Going, even if you view the session live online.**

Speaker: Charlotte Lenssen

Charlotte has been in the health and wellness industry for over 23 years. Her passions are body work, yoga, qigong, nutrition, and meditation. Since 2009 she has been offering retreats  in places like Peru, Bali, Mexico, Colorado, California and Italy. Her mission is to be of service to others and in the process maximizing fun on this planet.

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Mancos Wellness Talks

2nd Wednesdays – #MancosWellnessTalks



Speaker: Dr. Clayton Sullwold, DC

The Role of the Central Nervous System in Immune response

In this presentation Dr. Sullwold will be discussing the role of the brain and spinal cord as it applies to overall Immune health. We will discuss the principles of neural science, human anatomy, the form and function of the neuro-immune system, simple everyday things you can do to increase your internal constitution, and explore the buzzword on everyone’s lips – immunity.

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Dr Clayton Sullwold DC began his introduction into the workforce out of undergrad as a lab technician for Pfizer pharmaceuticals. It was here he was in charge of growing porcine mycoplasm hyopneumonia (aka. pig pneumonia) for vaccines. After realizing this was not his life philosophy and that he would been spending an eternity waiting for this organism to grow he decided to peruse a career as a doctor where he could truly help people.

Over the last 14 years he has called southwest Colorado his home. In 2001 he earned his bachelor degree in Biology and Chemistry. He has owned and operated two chiropractic practices, obtained a 4th degree black belt in karate, and is certified to work with animals. He is an assistant instructor for the Knee Chest Society and member of the Blue Angels as special recognition for his dedication.

In 2018 he was a recipient of the Colorado Chiropractic Association’s Distinguished Chiropractor Award for his contributions in state legislation regarding animal chiropractic. He is the developer of a chiropractic training device. He is actively involved with his community and currently is an ambassador for Wildfire Adaptive partnership and sits on the board for Dragonfly Preschool in Mancos, CO.

Our Endocrine System – The Secret to Anti-Aging & Weight Loss


Speaker: Dr. John Partenope

Educated as an M.D. and Traditional Naturopath, Dr. John has practiced exclusively as a Complementary & Alternative Health Care Practitioner for 18 years. He applies only the highest quality all natural nutraceuticals integrated with cutting edge Quantum BioFeedBack Technology (I.-F.I.T.) to help you achieve results and quality of life by getting to your root issues – as opposed to treating symptoms. He believes that our bodies are capable of miraculous things once we get out of our own way and give the body what it needs.