CREA – Shop Cortez


Shop Cortez CREA - Cortez Retail Enhancement Association Project The Cortez Retail Enhancement Association (CREA) is a nonprofit corporation established in 1999 to assist in promoting retail opportunities in Cortez, Colorado. Funded by local vendor fees, CREA supports and promotes Cortez businesses through customer-focused initiatives, [...]

Montezuma Leadership Network


Montezuma Leadership Network SERVING NONPROFITS IN MONTEZUMA COUNTY Project To Create the Ultimate Marketing Tool for Montezuma Leadership Network, a nonprofit that creates leaders in our community. To achieve this end goal, the following web customizations are used on the site: Event Calendar Donation Page [...]

Martin Built Homes


Martin Built Homes CERTIFIED GREEN BUILDERS Project To Design a Site to Showcase the Green-Building and Craftsman Talents of Local Builders, Martin Built Homes. Martin Built specializes in creating custom homes, remodels, or DIY Consulting to give clients their dream homes. To achieve this end [...]

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