My New Year Ritual

On the first dawn of the year, I embark on a personal pilgrimage. A quiet hush descends as I sever ties with the external world ~ the background noise and daily chaos. I enter a sanctuary carved from intentional solitude. Here, sheltered and safe, I strip away the masks and beliefs of others; I ask myself the essential question: WHO do I truly want to be?

The answer begins with a ruthless purge. As I sift through the embers of the past, I confront the shadows and discard the ashes of what no longer ignites my soul. I cast off the ill-fitting garments of self-doubt and regret, to reveal the core of who I am NOT. The traits that no longer resonate, the habits that drain my spirit, the paths that lead nowhere – I release them, bidding farewell to their burdens. It is time to become the Phoenix ~ dying the small death of a year completed, and rising like this mythical bird into the light of new beginnings.

I invite in the whispers of desire. I listen to the melodies of my true self, the harmonies that resonate in the deepest chambers of my being. These are the threads I weave into the tapestry of who I will become. These become my guiding stars, illuminating the path toward self-actualization.

Unfiltered by societal pressures or borrowed dreams, I know WHO I want to be, now I need to identify the “WHAT”. What activities spark my joy? What challenges ignite my passion? What mistakes can I learn from and leave behind? Honesty is the currency of this quest, ensuring that my wants and needs are truly my own. NOT what other people or the world is telling me ~ WHAT is it that I WANT?

I begin to envision the life I crave. This, too, requires integrity and a fierce rejection of the expectations of others – a fierce rejection of what the world tells us is “important” and how we should “behave”. This life, MY LIFE, is made complete when I follow the desires that ignite my very core – not the whispers and not-so subtle messages of how we are “supposed to live”.

And so, I stand at the precipice of the new year, freshly minted and reborn. The chasm between who I am and who I long to be narrows; I envision this path, dismantling negativity and limiting beliefs like overgrown vines. I nurture my authentic identity, allowing it to intertwine with my aspirations, forging a powerful synergy that paves the way for my dreams to flourish. My body – my mind – my life – is the fertile soil where my dreams take root, where the whispers of “what if” bloom into the vibrant tapestry of “what will be.”

This introspective ritual is not merely a one-day escape. It is a continuous process, a lifelong commitment to refining the self and aligning it with the life I crave. In the birth of a new year on January 1st, I set the course anew, embracing the transformative power of self-discovery and charting a path towards a future that truly feels like mine.

I am Reborn.

I am the Phoenix.

This is MY world, and I hereby CLAIM IT.

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