Mentoring High School Students in Business

Mancos RE-6 Entrepreneurship Class:  Incubator.Edu

I am so proud of the Buy. Fix. Sell. group in the Mancos RE-6 Entrepreneurship class. I was one of their mentors, along with Carrie Summers of Colorado Ranch & Home Realty. These students worked so hard all year long to build a new business, and they finally got their chance to pitch it to investors at the “Shark Tank”. I was honored to be their mentor, and I am so excited to see what they accomplish in the future.

Buy. Fix. Sell.

The Buy. Fix. Sell. group is made up of four students: Levi, Connor, Joshua, and Ronin.

They came up with the idea for their business after seeing the need for affordable used items in our community. They decided to start a company that would buy, fix up, and sell items at an affordable price to residents of Montezuma County.









Pitch to the Shark Tank

On the night of their Final Pitch,
these guys were ready!

The Buy. Fix. Sell company gave a confident and well-prepared presentation that impressed the investors.

  • Business Story,
  • Value Proposition,
  • Business Process,
  • Competition Research,
  • Estimated Financial Projections,
  • Capital Strategy, and

  • Exit Strategy.

I am so proud of what the Buy. Fix. Sell. group has accomplished. They are a group of bright, motivated, and hard-working young men.

I know that they will be successful in whatever they do. I am honored to have been their mentor, and I look forward to following their journey in the years to come.