The last two and a half years have brought many challenges to all of us across the world – and the ability to socialize freely is one of them. The pandemic left many of us isolated and alone, or at the very least, missing our friends and family. Let’s take a look at our social connections through a different lens during this month’s FREE Mancos Wellness Talk. Led by Karen Mischke, a respected retired counselor in Montezuma County; Karen has a Master of Arts in Community Counseling Psychology and is the perfect person to lead us in a discussion about the need for strong social connections, relationships, and personal expression to help us thrive on our wellness journey.

Join us Wednesday, 14 September at 6pm at the Mancos Public Library, 211 West First Street in Mancos.

Social wellness is one of eight dimensions that contribute to overall health and wellness. Social wellness encompasses all aspects of wellbeing pertaining to social connections, relationships, and personal expression. Social wellness refers to our ability to interact successfully in our global community and to live up to the expectations and demands of our personal roles. This means learning good communication skills, developing intimacy with others, and creating a support network of friends and family members.

Karen Mischke LPC, CBP, has a Master of Arts in Community Counseling Psychology, and for years had her counseling practice in Cortez, Colorado. Now in semi-retirement, Karen is certified in Yoga Nidra: Level I and Master’s level, Yoga Therapy, and the Bootstraps Stress Management program for Veterans. She continues to offer Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine and Yoga Therapy in the community. Karen’s excitement for Yoga comes through in her teaching, along with her embodied knowledge of Yoga’s ability to help her clients get in touch with Inner Peace and guidance. “The goal of Yoga is not to obtain something that is lacking. It is the Realization of an already Present Reality.” -Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.2