In this talk, we will discuss the hierarchical worldviews that pervade the wellness industry, and how they might actually hold us back from our healing potential.

Kate Husted

We would examine concepts that are commonly taken for granted, like “clean eating,” and see how they send us the subtle message that our worth is variable, and that we need to jump through hoops and accomplish things to earn our worthiness. Buried in a lot of wellness marketing and rhetoric is the idea that we’re inherently dirty, bad, not enough, that we need to detoxify and purify ourselves, turn ourselves into something pure and good, and that those who do the

se things are somehow better than those who don’t. We’re led to believe that we’re constantly just around the corner from finding the life hack, the lifestyle adjustment, the superfood that will cure us and turn us into a better version of ourselves. That imaginary, perfected, healed version of ourselves haunts us, and we spen

d a lifetime coming up short.

What if, instead, we approached our wellness by believing in our own inherent worthiness and sacredness? Our reasons for taking care of ourselves transform. We stop checking boxes to keep up with the Joneses, and start treating ourselves like the precious miracle we are. How much profound healing can come from letting in the belief “”I’m enough just the way I am, right now.””? In class we’ll re-write our own definitions of health, and question the assumption that the healthier we are, the worthier we are. We’ll use group discussions and exercises so participants will leave with a clear idea of how they want to take care of their sacred selves.

May 11


Mancos Public Library


Speaker: Kate Husted, Clinical Herbalist


Kate Husted: plant person, clinical herbalist, writer, teacher, and founder of an herbal free clinic.
Herbal medicine is the relationship between humans and plants. Kate helps you remember, nurture, and deepen that relationship.

Kate believes we can unravel the systemic harms we do to each other and this Earth, and re-weave the threads on a path of healing and repair.