Bruce Chilcott CPA will speak about Financial Wellness. Being “well” financially includes the total picture of your financial health, including how your financial situation affects your stress levels and overall mental and physical health. Financial wellness is not a destination; it’s a constant journey of making adjustments and building resilience to maintain financial equilibrium, not only to pay your bills but also to enjoy a more stable, healthy and successful life.

Bruce Chilcott is a dedicated CPA professional who really knows the business of taxes and finances all year around, not just January to April. Bruce is proud to serve customers in the Four Corners area. He has over twenty years of experience in agricultural finance, taxation, and accounting with seventeen of those years as a CPA. Bruce’s approach to his clients is not only timely and accurate financial and tax and reporting, but small business coaching as well. Clients deserve more than just an annual tax return. Budgeting, forecasting, retirement/estate planning, and tax planning are critical to his clients’ success – and financial wellness.