Exercise is Medicine: Healing & Safeguarding the Body

In this talk, we will discuss the significance of physical activity in healing dysfunction within the body and reducing the risk of disease and injury as we age. Our bodies hold an innate ability to accomplish some incredible feats–self-heal.

We will be taking a look at the operational roles of the various systems in the human body, how exercise impacts the optimal functioning and regenerative capacity of these systems, and functional exercises you can practice regularly to help secure good health and a positive quality of life for decades to come.

Wednesday, 8 June


Mancos Public Library

Speaker: Janine Sluder of Vagabond Personal Training

Janine Sluder, Vagabond Personal TrainingJanine Sluder, B.A., CSCS is the owner and personal trainer of Vagabond Personal Training in Mancos, CO. She began her journey in health and wellness in 2011 as a Chiropractic Assistant in northwestern Colorado where she developed a passion for patient care and corrective treatment. Desiring to expand her scope and knowledge, Janine went on to earn her BA in Fitness and Health Promotion, an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential and acquired invaluable experience working alongside and learning from many incredibly brilliant colleagues and mentors. Eventually she found her niche in personal training that allowed her to blend the attributes of strength training with the corrective principles of chiropractic and rehabilitative therapy.