“Aging with Ever Growing Wisdom”

with Midge Kirk and Connie Fox

#Mancos Wellness Talks – 2022 Series

Series Kickoff!!

In this talk, we will take a look at how we age, the multifaceted aspects, and why attitude is so important. Age is just a number and our attitudes make such a difference in the process. We must not lose our sense of passion, adventure, humor, and fulfillment. Brain science will confirm this!

We need to stay active, curious and vital despite the physical changes that may slow us down. We want to flourish in our elder years, not just survive. A look at broadening the scope of our well-being, focusing on the positive and eliminating the negative and what no longer serves us, developing good habits of self care, while celebrating the changes in our lives.

13 April 2022 – 2nd Wednesday


Mancos Public Library, 211 West First Street

Our Speakers

Midge Kirk, Author

Midge Kirk

is an artist, writer, seeker, and hobby historian. Well into the aging process herself, she believes that awareness, kindness (to herself and others), attitude, and life long learning are critical factors on the journey. She enjoys her family (two and four footed), friends, gardening, reading, music and life in general!




Connie Fox

Connie Fox

is a medical doctor who took care of people with mental illnesses for over four decades.  She is also a spouse, a mother, a grandmother, a sister and an aunt.  She is a citizen and a friend.  Dr. Fox is an amateur musician, painter, quilter, gardener and cook.