In this session of the free #MancosWellnessTalks series, you will learn to amplify your Qi/Energy using breath.

Charlotte Lenssen will be teaching attendees the 9 Breath Method in a group setting to help the whole group amplify their Qi as well as sending it out to the world.

Those with little experience with have the benefit of accelerating the qi within through the experience of others. The more people breath together to more potent and palpable the Qi is. This breath is done in sitting in a circle connected to each other.

Come join us for this magical experience.

**We will be attempting live streaming the session via Facebook Live. Please mark yourself Interested or Going, even if you view the session live online.**

Speaker: Charlotte Lenssen

Charlotte has been in the health and wellness industry for over 23 years. Her passions are body work, yoga, qigong, nutrition, and meditation. Since 2009 she has been offering retreats  in places like Peru, Bali, Mexico, Colorado, California and Italy. Her mission is to be of service to others and in the process maximizing fun on this planet.