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Xcel Energy will NOT Threaten You into Making a Payment.

The latest scam involves impostors claiming to be Xcel – and they are using fear to get your money: Scammers claiming to be from Xcel Energy are contacting people by phone, email, and in person. They are attempting to trick Xcel customers into paying money with the threat of consequences (such as their power being turned off) if they do not comply.

Xcel says if you’re ever contacted by someone claiming to be the utility company hang up, delete the email or shut the door. Xcel will never threaten you with a single notification an hour or less before disconnection.

Also, Xcel suggests you call them back yourself at 1-800-895-4999. They also suggest you call police if you ever feel threatened. And finally, be aware of scammers trying to get you to buy prepaid cards which are widely available at retail stores and work like cash – it’s just all part of their scam to try and get your money.

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